What did Sushi A say to Sushi B?


I’m nearing the final stretch of this insane month that just might swallow me whole, but I made it a point to squash my work woes for a night and go out for pre-Halloween. Even though we don’t see each other as often as we should, Jess, Desiree and I always put effort into reuniting for this holiday. It’s become our dear tradition to (tastefully and creatively) hooch it up like we’re 22 again.

This year, I think, wins it all.


Sake (me), Tamago (Des), Ebi (Jess, who despite what this picture shows, does not have a glass eye)

At first, I didn’t want to be sushi (it was Des’ idea) mostly because I have some weird, deep-rooted issues with Asian-ish costumes, but eventually, I realized, OMG, this is gonna rule.

My sole responsibility was to make the wasabi headbands and, if I may ask, SQUEEEEEEE, aren’t they awesome?!?!


Jess made the fish, seaweed belts and ginger earrings. She is amazing.

We went to a Halloween party at a club and everyone loved us (once they figured out what we were) and boys wanted to “eat” us (ew) and we had a blast. We couldn’t enter the costume contest, which majorly sucked, but we still went home giggly and proud.



The best part of the night, as I somehow expected, was getting ready together in my bedroom.

There were plenty of puns:

“Hurry up, we’ve gotta roll!”

“Don’t worry, we’re just doing this tempura-rily.”

“Something seems very fishy.”

“Miso pretty!”

“Soy-a later!”

“We’ve reached the point of nori turn.”

Okay, so some of these I thought of later. I’m not that quick and witty.


Anyway, the night was just what I needed to get through the rest of this week. Happy pre-Halloween!

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32 Responses to What did Sushi A say to Sushi B?

  1. HAH! That’s a fantastic costume!

  2. TOO CUTE! Halloween’s just not ever going to be the same without the girls.

  3. oh my gosh!! this is the cutest costume idea ever – you guys look adorable!

  4. Those are hot costumes!!!! (get it get it?! hot? wasabi?!)

    A great idea!

  5. Seriously, so freaking cute!

  6. Seriously, best group halloween costume ever! I love it.
    Can’t believe I never thought of it myself… except for the fact I look HORRIBLE in white.

  7. This is freaking adorable. Best costume ever!

    Sidenote: At Disney World there is a thing called the Monsters Inc Laugh Factory and you can text your jokes to a number and then the monster performing might tell it. Your title was one of my jokes that was picked! hahah loves it.

  8. Ohmigosh. You guys are wayyyyy too cute. Ridiculous. And very sexy.

  9. Glass eye! Haha! Good job on the costumes. Half naked costumes are always enjoyable to look at, but creative ones are still the best.

  10. dying. Seriously.

  11. So adorable!! I love this – it’s super original

  12. Holy cow you’re all so darn cute! Those costumes are BRILLIANT. Why couldn’t you enter the contest?

    And, do you have Halloween plans? I really, really, really want to go out and haven’t figured out what I’m going to do yet. But LA awaits, and I simply can’t NOT do something Friday.

  13. That is awesome! What a great idea for costumes.

  14. Those costumes are so cute! The idea was gret too. :) Why couldn’t you enter the contest though??

  15. HAHAHAH. Oh Michelle, this is absolutely splendid.

    I ADORE.

    You managed to pull of sexy and creative, which is more than what 98% of other Halloween costume’s can say for themselves.

    Awesome, just awesome. And I love the puns, muahah.

  16. That is the only joke I ever tell. Good way to open your post! ;)

  17. Great costume idea! I never saw anyone do this before. You look delicious!

  18. it took me a minute, but awesome!!!!

    you guys look interesting AND hot. that’s a hard combo. ;)

  19. Thanks everyone!!!!
    Re: The costume contest — It was super disorganized. This girl with a clipboard picked 5 seemingly random people (all guys!) with lame costumes — a store-bought Buzz Lightyear, a Dodgers fan (WTF!) — to go on stage for the audience to vote. In the end, the inflated penis won. Yes, a penis! So original, right? Argh. Oh well.

  20. Cutest costumes ever! Seriously! I’ve never seen sushi before. I’m so impressed with the craftiness level too….

  21. Way to go! Those costumes are awesome. I wish I had a creative idea for Halloween like that.

  22. Ahhhhh!! I LOVE IT!!!

    I’m seriously in love with your costumes. You guys are adorable.

    Cutest costume ever!!

  23. oMG …THAT IS THE BEST COSTUME EVER! ever. you three are adorable!

  24. That looks incredibly professional. And it’s original! I LOVE the wasabi headbands!

  25. those are the COOLEST costumes ever!

  26. How you ever came up with sushi as a costume idea is beyond my creative abilities!

  27. This has to be the greatest costume idea ever! You should market this next year!

  28. meeshie!!! your costumes are awesome- what a creative idea! loveit!

  29. I remember your costumes! This is totally random, but I was googling the joke “What did Sushi A say to Sushi B” and came across your post. I remember once seeing your costumes before and then I was looking at the pictures and the venue looked familiar. Is that V2O??? Freaks Fest?

  30. Hello Michelle:

    SEI Restaurant DC has put a spin on the classic Sushi A and Sushi B joke. Recently posted on our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/seirestaurant
    Question: What did Sushi A say to Sushi B?
    Answer: Nothing! Sushi A did not get the chance to say a word. That’s because Sushi B had grown weary of Sushi A, always in his face saying “Wasssup B”. Enough was Enough. So finally just as Sushi A was about to part his lips…. Sushi B had to ‘sah-kay’ right in the jaw.

    We hope you enjoyed!

  31. Soledad Tenorio

    I absolutely love your costumes!!! Wonderful way to think “outside the box.” Lol. I was wondering what you used for the “wasabi” headbands? Is that clay? And how did you manage to blend the green color to match the wasabi color? I am going to attempt this for this year, my son will be along side with me as a soy sauce bottle :))

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