I’m really doing it

How I (secretly) envisioned my life as a freelance writer:
Wake up, maybe take hot yoga, shower and get pretty, have lunch with some old or new friends, visit grandma and grandpa, stroll into Borders, flip through magazines while jotting ideas in my Moleskine notebook, accidentally peek into Martha Stewart Weddings for a minute or 20, send off a few pitches to editors, pin happy things to my inspiration board, buy groceries, learn to cook, start watching Madmen, have mid-week date nights with Matt, write thoughtful blog posts about my days, go to sleep with a smile.

The reality:
It’s 3 a.m. and I’m hunched over my computer, scrambling to make another deadline. I haven’t changed out of my pajamas in over 24 hours. Empty cans of green tea and bottles of 5-Hour Energy surround me. I flake on plans with friends, saying I’m so, so sorry, but I had no idea I would get this busy. Blog? What blog? Hello there, life of insanity. I wasn’t expecting you so soon.

So yeah, freelancing has been going really well. Dangit! Just kidding. Really, I am thrilled to be getting the work I’ve been getting. I feel so lucky (and so tired).

By the way, I can’t wait to tell you about some of my projects. I’ll be sure link to them as soon as they’re up.

There’s a lot that I’m still learning about time management, organization, communication, self-promotion and choosing your work wisely. I’ll expand on all this some day. Just wanted to write a quick post to let you know that I’m alive and things are swell. Thanks for all your support.

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18 Responses to I’m really doing it

  1. As much as you tried to make that sound unglamorous it sounds pretty glamorous. Go Woo!

  2. I think it sounds fabulous. I am also so very happy that you’re really doing it!!

  3. Sounds like you’ve gotten off to a great start. Congrats!

  4. thank god you’re alive. i was worried.

  5. How Carrie Bradshaw of you. Good luck!:)

  6. Awesome. I’m so glad you found work so fast! You must tell us how you managed that one dear. Are you going old school, Writer’s market etc.? Or have you been using one of those nifty freelancing sites.

  7. I imagine things will get a lot easier, too, once you’ve been doing it longer and settle into a routine. At least you have work! Can’t wait to hear about your cool project. :)

  8. Considering you’ve only been officially freelancing for a few weeks, the fact that you’re already so busy is AWESOME! I think congrats are in order! = )

  9. simply amazing, michelle woo. I look forward to links to your new projects!

  10. I just think it’s amazing you’re doing this freelance thing so well so quickly. Sure, you’ve got to flush out a few kinks, but to think you’ve submerged yourself in those waters and are swimming is pretty remarkable. Go Woo!

  11. Congrats on the success! Freelancing is a tough business and after watching my husband plow through it, I’m in awe of those who do it and do it well.
    As an aside, if you haven’t seen it, you should check out FreelanceSwitch.com–it’s a great community with lots of very helpful feedback and advice on the business side of freelancing. You might find some tips and tricks to help you out. (My husband does a comic strip for them, that’s how I know about the site. I’m so not a freelancer!)

  12. I wish time didn’t matter. I could work whenever I wanted and just go to Borders and not worry about all the errands I have to do.

    Sounds like freelancing is for you. Glad everything is going well!

  13. hey you’ll figure it out, glad it’s going well so far though :)

  14. I love it! Grad school is back in full swing for me, as is work, but I’d love to do a bit of freelance writing as well.

  15. Wow, famous and bringing home delicious bacon?

  16. What happened to drinking water?!

  17. this post is true, michelle does not get out of her pajamas and barely leaves her office. we were suppose to take yoga classes and go to the sand dooms but michelle is too busy. boooo.

  18. GO MICHELLE! I knew this was a great move!

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