I am not a crafter

One of the effects of reading a lot of wedding blogs is getting to read a lot of craft blogs since a lot of wedding people also happen to be craft people. I’d never really read craft blogs before so when I started seeing all the swoon-worthy things people were creating on a daily basis, from jewelry to stationery to bedroom decor, a whole new world opened up to me. Seriously, some people are so creative, I just can’t get over it. (Like our wedding planner, Paige, who couldn’t decide between a real or fake Christmas tree so she and her husband decided to just paint one. Dude.)

I can spend days browsing these craft blogs and believe me, I have. I just stare at the pretty creations displayed in perfectly lit photographs and gush. But lately, I’ve been realizing that reading these blogs isn’t really contributing much to my life. Nothing productive has come out of these e-gazing sessions — if anything, I’ve lost hours of worktime because I’m too busy saying ooooooh.

So to change this, you would think I would just cut my browsing time, yes? Oh no, instead, I tried to make something.

I know I have the crafty gene in me — during my sorority days, I made the cutest stuff for my lil sis. I figured that even though I haven’t touched a glue gun in years, I could catch on rather quickly.

So when I came across Well Worn’s post on DIY snow globes, I thought, I could totally do that. I decided to make a globe for my aunts, grandma and some of Matt’s relatives.

Gorgeous, huh?

Unfortunately, the materials list did not include COMMON SENSE Here are some lessons I learned during my snow-globe-making experience.

Choose a cute ornament to showcase in your snow globe. Done.

Brr. I'm a snowman.

A biggie: Make sure your ornament is waterproof or at least DOES NOT EXPAND IN WATER.

Ahh! My head is exploding!

If you are trying to showcase what’s inside your globe, try not to choose glass jars with designs on them.

Help me. Trapped in a jar.

OK, so the whole water thing wasn’t working out for me so I added a bunch of buttons and beads to make them “snow shakers.” Except there is no snow because the fake snow I bought kept clinging to my snowmen and it was a big mess. Also, my snowmen look like cats. So pretty much, I now have a bunch of cats stuck in jars filled with buttons.

I still think my almost snow globes are cute in that, “Awww, who turned 5 today?” sort of way. I’ve been debating whether I should still give them as gifts but I think people might judge me.

Anyway, I learned my lesson. Starbucks gift cards FTW.

I am not a crafter.

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17 Responses to I am not a crafter

  1. This was a valiant attempt at DIY snow globes. I lack all common sense so I would have ended up with something that looked like yours as well. Merry Christmas Michelle!

  2. I’m pretty sure you should save those snow globes as gifts for your wedding party. Or guests. They’ll love that little piece of Michelle. =)

  3. Is this your junk/funny gift for the gift exchange on Saturday? JK JK JK JK!!!

  4. I think that’s a cute snow globe and I’ll definitely like it if you give me one of those :D have a great holiday, Michelle.:)

  5. I love them Michelle! And you were quite the crafter in our sorority days. No one used wine and silver blue like you.

  6. HAHAHA YES I am so with you!

  7. LOL!

    I’m laughing, but I am also not much of a crafter.

  8. haha. i laugh b/c it sounds like something i would try. and i would probably end up w/ similar results. except i probably would have used furry, not-waterproof dogs instead of cats.

    your post also reminds me of this pixar short: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkdSWyPFXCQ

    merry xmas! =)

  9. you are HYSTERICAL.
    I think they’re cute, you should totally give them as gifts! It’s the thought that counts right? ;D

  10. Don’t give up on the crafting! :)

    You should totally give them as gifts. I think they’re adorable, even if it’s in that “Who turned 5?” kind of way.

    Merry Christmas Michelle!

  11. Hahaaaaaa, this totally cracked me up! Your little guy is so cute though!

    PS, DIY wedding craft blogs? Send them my way! kthnx.

  12. LOL! Actually your “snow shaker” idea isn’t bad. But yeah, gift cards FTW. ;)

  13. OMG – I couldn’t wait for your creation in my Xmas stocking- Now, I know what I missed. Try again next year!

  14. just ready this…HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  16. omg- i actually lolled at my desk over “I now have a bunch of cats stuck in jars filled with buttons.”

    those sound like my kind of gifts.

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