Scenes From Chicago and Boston

Matt and I just spent a week in Boston and Chicago. It was a fantastic trip. I wanted to go someplace “fallish” (have you seen the weather here?), and had never been to either city. Both were charming and memorable in their own ways.

Some highlights: 

Chicago: Architecture boat tour, BEAN! (seriously, who knew a metal blob could be so captivating?), Al’s Beef (nom), Second City (I was determined to see a show after listening to Bossypants, and it did not disappoint — hilarious!), dinner with bloggy friends Ang, Jamie and Alex, drinks with Mel atop the John Hancock Center (dude, check out the view from the girls’ restroom — mindblowing), Ruxbin (amazing), Potbelly sandwiches, the Art Institute (a must-must-must-see!), Wicker Park.

Boston: Freedom Trail, Boston Public Library, Neptune Oyster (I’m still dreaming about that lobster roll), Mike’s Pastry (great), Modern Pastry (greater — get the sfogliatelle, trust), Giacomo’s, Myers + Chang (the ginger cream dessert zomg), Brazilian seafood stew at Muqueca, dumplings and beef noodle soup in Chinatown, charcuterie at The Salty Pig (can you tell we’re hungry people?), Haaaavard (where Facebook was born!), visiting Matt’s cousin Carter at MIT, not understanding any of the T-shirts, feeling sad, getting ice cream to feel better, driving up to New Hampshire to see red leaves, settling for green and slightly orange and yellow ones at the Flume Gorge (it’s really stunning there), brewery tours (with free beer!) at Harpoon and Sam Adams.

Such a wonderful whirlwind. Chicago and Boston, I miss you already.

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8 Responses to Scenes From Chicago and Boston

  1. How fun! And beautiful weather this time of year.

  2. I love that you guys were just like, “Let’s go see fall.” and then went and did it.

    Looks like a wonderful trip! :)

  3. i really wanted to go to ruxbin, but they were closed the weekend we were there!!! i keep hearing so much about the art institute. next time i’m in chicago, i’ll be heading over there. we missed the brews at Harpoon too. just didn’t have enough time. :) but it means we’ll be back.

  4. looks like you guys had an amazing time!!

  5. Lately that giant bean has been showing up all over blogs and now I’m determined to see it for myself someday. It’s so weird. But rad.

  6. so happily jealous of your trip! I say, happily because fall in the northeast is a must-see and I’m jealous because of all those good eats!! can’t wait til I finally make me way to chicago.

  7. WOO WOO!!! These photos are fabulous, just like you!! So happy to know you two had a blast.

  8. samuel ofori nyarko

    i which i’m in japan because the country is nice place to be one day.

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