Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Matt and I celebrated the occasion by going a Korean BBQ restaurant since it’s the most unromantic (read: uncrowded) place you can go. (Your hair reeks like meat and you must unbutton your pants the moment you get in the car to go home. Sexy.) It was awesome.

We’ve definitely become an old married couple. I’ve been noticing it more ever since my younger sister started living with us temporarily. She’s 26, single, and always has some exciting event to attend. Every evening, just as she’s about to leave the house, she cheerily asks us, “What are you guys up to tonight?” Matt and I, both in pajamas and sunken in on the couch with our laptops, stare at each other and mutter, “Uhhhhhh … this?” And then she’ll say, “Oh … cool … well … have fun!” and prance off in her cute outfit and heels. It’s rather depressing.

But, you know what? It’s not. I’m okay with being an old married lady because I get to do it with that old guy over there, who right now, is waiting for me to watch New Girl in bed with him. … And is now making farting sounds to get me to hurry up. I guess I should go.

I wanted to share this one This American Life Valentine’s Day episode that I love. (Don’t worry, it’s super short!) It shows how important honesty, compassion and humor is a relationship that’s way past the honeymoon stage.

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7 Responses to Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. God, Michelle. I just really freaking love when you write.

    Love the TAL snippet and also the “Uhh…this?” bit.


    Marriage is comfortable. And you know what else? It’s nice to get into an argument and not think, “Shit. Well, this is it, then.” You know you’ll just work through it. Security and PJ > heels. ;)

  2. so smart to go to korean bbq!!!

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  4. i’m a fan of the “old” married couple!!! i do the same thing every night…except i lay in bed and watch them on my laptop! –that’s the life man!!

  5. the snippet from TAL was GREAT! :D thanks for sharing!

  6. I literally LOLed at the “Uhhhhhh … this?” part. That’s totally me and my husband. But I wouldn’t have it any other way! I haven’t been to Korean BBQ in about 5 years, and even though the last time I went, they actually burned my arm (I’m ok, it was worth it), I’m now dying to go back.

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