Going to Japan!

We’re off to Japan (Tokyo and Kyoto!), where we will slurp ramen, taste weird Kit Kat flavors, try to navigate the subway system, gaze at girls in maid outfits, buy adorable useless things (okay, that’ll just be me), take pictures of cherry blossoms, and basically get lost in translation. This is the one place I’ve wanted to visit more than any other place in the universe, so I’m pretty excited.

P.S. Hello Kitty phone booths!

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5 Responses to Going to Japan!

  1. so jealous! japan is on my bucket list. enjoy all those crazy kit kat flavors!

  2. Ahh, have an awesome time! I went last September, and it was every. Single. Thing. That I had hoped it would be…and then some. Enjoy the crazy snacks– there are so many to sample!

  3. Please oh please take a zillion photos.

  4. so insanely jealous!!! i really really really REALLY wanted to go to japan for our honeymoon 3 years ago, but we went to kauai instead. boo.

    have an amazing time for me – buy TONS of useless but supercute hello kitty stuff and eat yourselves silly =)

  5. OMG–that is beyond anything I’ve ever seen!

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