One Month


Man. Being a new parent is hard. Did you guys know that babies eat every one to three hours around the clock? I had heard this urban legend before but for some reason thought my daughter would be one of those rare, magical, sleep-through-the-night exceptions. Nope, she is not. And this mama is tired.

Taking care of this little one has been physically and emotionally draining. It’s an endless cycle of: feed, burp, change, get peed on, change again, rock, feed, change, cuddle, feed, Google “WHY DOES THIS BABY EAT SO MUCH?!,” bathe, feed again, swaddle, take a deep breath and wait for the little ticking time bomb to go off again.

It’s crazy that all parents must go through this. I recently asked Matt, “Do you love having a baby?” and he looked at me with exhausted eyes and said, “I love having a Maggie. Babies are not that cool.” It somehow made sense. This life is ridiculous right now, but for me at least, it is the best life. Despite being a baby, Maggie melts my heart every day.

Things I love:

-Her squishiness. Pressing my cheek against hers is the FUNNEST.
-She does these full-body yawns and then falls asleep with her arms still mid-air. It’s pretty adorable.
-When she’s done eating, she’ll do this little “talk to the hand” thing. Such a diva.
-Mornings. It’s when she’s most alert. We sit her in bed with us and sing songs and play little games and take lots of Instagram pics. Just our little family.

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3 Responses to One Month

  1. our squishies are almost 4 and 15m and I totally get it. I definitely can skip the newborn stage. we debate having #3 but the newborn stage is what keeping baby fever away. I’d be happier if I gave birth to a sassy toddler (even if they still wake up in the middle of the night) LOL!

  2. What a precious time–be sure to take lots of video. It’s hard to remember them ever being so small.

  3. She’s a cutie! Can’t wait to see what other adorable things you’ll discover along the way!

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