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Marble Nails: The Attempt

So I watched this awesome video on how to do marble nails. (Watch it. I bet you’ll be inspired, too) Then I tried it myself.

Yeeeeeah. I get the idea of how it’s supposed to work, but my nails ended up more “abstract art” than swirltastic. Which is okay. I still like them. I might try it again sometime, but probably not because it makes a huge mess. But you should try it and post pics!

Bright Nails

Sometimes, when life feels out of order, it’s nice to have pretty nails. It’s like, my house is still in boxes, my hair is greasy, deadlines loom, but oh look! Pretty nails! I dunno. It makes sense in my head. I’m totally digging the bold and bright nail polish trend. I just picked up essie’s Mesmerize from Target, and it’s pretty fab.

Loving these photos collected by A Piece of Toast.

Anyway, I’m feeling the weight of a long week ahead. Sigh …. nails!

Hair today … more hair tomorrow

I’m a lucky lady but God did not bless me with good brows and lashes. Yeah, I realize it’s kind of a trade-off. I don’t have much hair anywhere, no really, look at my legs, no, LOOK AT THEM. I haven’t shaved in two months and you can barely tell. I know those with brilliantly full brows and lashes typically have to pluck and groom all the time. Still, I think they win. I’d rather be a hairy girl.

Some lash and brow p0rn.

[Insert jealous face here.]

I’ve tried lengthening mascaras and brow powders and gels, and they’ve worked to varying degrees. But I wanted something that would help boost the appearance of my own brows and lashes. A company called heard about my first-world problem and sent help—in the form of its clinically-tested, hypoallergenic Lash Extend Serum, Brow Boosting Shaper and Lash Extend Primer. I’ve been using the products for about a month now and while I’m a doofus for not taking a “before” picture, I’m pretty certain they’ve been working. I don’t have to “fill in” my brows as much. They’re starting to look … normal. Like actual brows. It’s fantastic.

For all those with sparse, short, damaged lashes or over-plucked brows, you’re in luck. This week, is giving my readers 50 percent off their activation products. Just enter WELOVEBLOGS in the coupon code box during checkout at Three redemptions per user.

Do you have any secret weapons for your brows and lashes?

Project Tighten

“We don’t want you to lose weight. We just want you to be healthy … by eating less.”

A part of me died when I tried on my wedding dress with my new pair of Spanx and realized, oh crap, these underpants that were supposed to hold in my muffins totally show. I’m so dumb. The back of my dress is low. I should have known.

I guess the only thing left to do is diet and exercise. Boo. Hiss. Snarl.

Nah, I’ve been pretty good, getting personal training sessions with my fit sis and running on the treadmill. I also gave up soda for Lent (I’m not Catholic but I get bored in life and like little challenges) and have been incorporating more veggies in my diet. I’m really digging this article in Glamour called “10 Lazy Ways To Lose Weight” (best headline ever), which has some good tips like plan your meals before you begin your day, do cardio intervals, lift heavier weights, eat a fiber-rich breakfast, and so on. (See, I’m so lazy, I can’t even get out the magazine for ya.) I’m feeling pretty motivated right now (I even passed up Kogi BBQ when the truck was right next to my office — 800 awesome points for that one) but I know that I have to keep it up. “Put your mind to it, go for it, get down and break a sweat …” (Any Saved By The Bell fans here?)

I suppose this is my official Wedding Slim Down! post, which is kind of cliche and obnoxious, but you know … so am I.

2009: An Assessment

So I wrote this last week but was about to delete it because I was like, it’s sooooo boring, who wants to read about my boooring life? And then I thought, hmmm, well, this site is called Michelle Woo (me), so I guess you all do. Which brings me to my first goal of 2010 (and beyond): STOP CARING WHAT PEOPLE THINK. Oh, by the way, I’ve decided that every day this week, before I answer your questions (keep ‘em coming!), I’m going to write about one aspect of my life I’d like to work on. I was kidding myself when I thought I could cruise through the new year without some emo self-reflection. So stay tuned!

For now, here’s an assessment of my 2009, with ratings from 1 to 10.

Career: 6
This score may seem a little harsh since this past year, I 1) left a position that was weighing me down, 2) created my own part-time position (at the same company) that I’m enjoying 100 times more, and 3) declared I would also be a freelance writer and have actually—knock on wood—been getting steady work. So overall, 2009 seems like a mondo WIN. The thing is, and when it comes to my career, there’s always a thing, I feel so far from where I could be. And I don’t quite know how to get there. It bugs.

Love: 9
So, I got engaged. If that doesn’t boost my score in this department, I’m doomed. No really, I am loving this stage in our relationship—we’re building a life together, piece by piece. (Did I tell you that Matt and I are now on Verizon’s family plan? Isn’t that the sweetest thing?) It feels wonderfully natural, like oh hi, you’re gonna be my husband. Grin.
(I didn’t give myself a 10 because I suppose there’s always room for improvement. Maybe Matt can make me French toast in bed sometime, ya think?)

Friendship: 7
I can do a lot better in calling—not just gchating and Facebooking—my best pals, but overall, I feel really blessed to have people in my life who know me (and like me anyway). I’m excited for what’s in store for us: More trips! More dinner dates! More nights we can’t remember!

Family: 9
Family rules! (Though Ma keeps nagging me to take my clothes out of the dryer, even if the buzzer went off just an hour ago … for the 42th time.)

Appearance: 5
While I wouldn’t call myself a grenade (Dude, I don’t even watch Jersey Shore and I kinda love that term), my appearance has taken a downwards turn. Yes, we all get older, I know, just deal with it, but this is the first time I’ve noticed some “signs.” Ew, that word! My undereye area is kinda dry, my cheeks are not as glowy as they used to be and my eyes make tiny creases when I smile. Oh, and we’re not even gonna talk about my hair. It’s all okay, though, I’m just gonna have to put more effort into this important area of life, you know, bring out the power tools. I just invested in good mascara and fake eyelashes (I’ve never tried them!), and my mom bought me this secret gel that she says will make me look five years younger (23, can’t wait to see you again! I have missed you!)

General happiness: 7.5
I have a good life. Now I want more.

Now grow

Oh yes, hair. A big thanks to all who weighed in on Decision 2009: Long vs. short wedding hair. Well, after many chats with my bridesmaids and dates with my bathroom mirror, I have finally decided to go …

… long.

I know, I know, as many of you said in the comments, short hair is more “me.” But honestly, me isn’t that great. Actually, this wedding has been making me do a lot of things that are so not me, like exercise and use night cream and clip my fingernails. It’s amazing! I should have a wedding every year! I’d be single and living out of a cardboard box, but I’d look like Jennifer Aniston.

So I found the hair that I want for my wedding. I’ll have to ask a stylist if he/she thinks it will work for me, but for now, take a look. Pretty, huh?


Via Martha Stewart Weddings, of course

So, yeah … hair.

This blog just can’t get any more exciting.



I’ve been having a bad hair month. It’s so dead and droopy and greasy. Yuck. Why is it greasy? Even hours after I wash it. Whatever happened to second day hair? I think it’s all those fish oil capsules I’m taking. (My skin does still look radiant, by the way.) Even when it does look clean and somewhat voluminous, it’s kinda mom-ish. Like I’m about to slip on a pair of expandable-waist jeans and jump in my Toyota Sienna.

I’ve decided that I want long-ish hair again. I haven’t had long hair since high school! I was telling my sister about my plan and she was like why, and I was like ‘cuz I’m tired of short hair … and because I will one day have a wedding and brides don’t have short hair so if I start growing it out now, by the time it’s the big day, it’ll maybe be past my shoulders. And then she’s like, it’ll probably be down to your butt. Ha. Ha. Ha. See what she did there? Since no one ain’t proposing to me?

Anyway, here’s a video of one of my favorite singer/songwriters Priscilla Ahn getting a haircut. The video is freakin’ adorable (watch it!) but it kinda made me sad, not like Felicity-chopping-her-locks-off horrified, but more like awww, her long pretty hair! She still looks cute though.  By the way, it’s like 2:30 a.m. right now and I think this might be one of my delirious and superficial posts ever. Huzzah!

Things could be worse

I’ve been holed up all weekend, finishing up some assignments, transcribing (takes forever) and trying to find the words to describe the beauty that is this guy:

Daniel Henney, who’ll soon debut on the new CBS drama Three Rivers

Unfortunately, my editor rejected my first draft, a blank sheet of paper with the words, “He’s preeeeeetty.” And maybe a drool mark.

Life is hard.

OK, back to gazing longingly researching. Hope you had a lovely weekend.

Sans makeup

untitled folder (Small)Okay, so maybe this is kinda cheating, scaling down my makeup-less face so  you can’t see the budding zit on the side of my nose, but I’m giving you five whole photos to make up for it. It works (says me). Matt took these right after I woke up so please excuse the bedhead and nippage.

I do feel like my skin looks better since the last time I attempted the Naked Face Project (coined by the gorgeous Wishcake), that time I looked at my photos and nearly cried. I’ve been taking my fish oil capsules and drinking my water with Crystal Light and slathering on this amazing mask. Now I’m fresh and glowy again — huzzah!

So hurray for natural, makeup-less faces. It’s empowering to bare all to the world like this and I’m glad I made myself do it. But honestly?


Makeup (especially you, eyeliner), thank you for making me pretty. Other girls might tell you they don’t need you because they feel beautiful just the way they are. But I’m not that type. Let’s reunite in the bathroom right after I finish this post. I’ve missed you so.

Week 2: I’m (still!) taking the EA Sports Active Challenge

Peeps, thanks for hanging in there with me through my sponsored challenge. After these messages, I’ll be right back with posts about my boring life. Also, if you’ve been following my challenge, I know I wrote that last week was Week 2, but I changed it to Week 1 because I had just finished Week 1 and was starting Week 2. Anyway, I got all confused with the numbers. So this post is about Week 2. Shut up. Counting is hard.

EA Sports Active is working.

While I don’t own a scale and don’t plan on getting one (I use the much more accurate “How much would I give to unbutton my pants right now?” test), I can tell that I’m a shrinking lady. This cute plaid dress I have from Roxy baaaarely fit last summer, but now I can frolic around in it with ease. Matt even gave me a compliment, sort of (“You’re reaching your skinny potential.”) And get this: On my abs, there is a line — and no, I don’t mean a fold. I have a two pack! You can see it in the light. Swear.

Continue reading ….